Monday, September 10, 2012

Almost Grand in Mexico (Part 3)

When not eating or drinking, we spent our time on the beach with my preference being a front row corner palapa.  No need for the "towel game" here.  We got a good spot any time we wanted.

Our typical day consisted of sitting on the beach, walking on the beach and going swimming in the ocean.  My husband likes waves and the ocean in front of the Grand delivered enough to keep him entertained at least part of the day.  At one point I started to feel uncomfortable though and asked to go in.  At that point I realized we were the only ones in the water and the flag indicating rough water was flying.  Yikes!

There usually were not that many people in the water in front of the Grand, but there were rocks which made us choose our entry point carefully.

My favorite time was just sitting under the palapa staring at the ocean.  Here was my view.

I do not understand why people would come all this way to sit by a pool, but that just means more beach space for me!  The beach was empty.

Hello???  Hola?


Even though I am not a pool person if there is a beach available, I can certainly recognize a beautiful pool and the Grand's pool area is incredible! 

Cabanas and chairs galore.  There were even chairs in some very shallow water that looked nice.  I was not crazy about the pool bar though.  There were very few places to sit and all the smokers congregated at the swim up area.  Still pretty to look at though.

There was also a tranquility pool for those who did not want the noise of the main pool.  Not that there was much noise, just the occasional pool game.  This is not the type of place where everyone stands in the pool listening to thumping club music with their drink in a cozy.

Departure was uneventful since we did not charge anything extra.  That was nice. I am used to a good sized food and drink bill at the end of each trip.  It was a little weird that they held our luggage hostage until we checked out and settled the bill (which was zero).  The van was on time and got us back to the airport with plenty of time to get fleeced by the airport prices for food and drinks. 

My overall thoughts are that it is a great property and could be world class if they could figure out the food.  I think they were trying to over complicate the food and they just could not execute properly.  Simple fresh food would the fajitas!!!  I find the people of Mexico to be the friendliest I have met anywhere in the world.  They seem truly happy that you have come to visit their country.  The other guests were also all very friendly as well.  I would go back to the Grand, but unfortunately my husband will not because the food was too much of a challenge.  I have not been able to convince any friends to go for a girlfriend getaway yet either because they are concerned about safety in Mexico.  Hopefully one day I will be back...


  1. I enjoyed your review and the accompanying photographs. I've always been curious about this resort, but still am not sure if it's right for me. And given that it's usually one of the priciest AI resorts in the Riviera Maya, I don't think I'll risk it unless perhaps I get a great low season rate sometime.

  2. So glad to see you posting again! Love to hear about your stay and see the photos.