Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jamaica Me Smile (Day 4)

Our last day at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Montego Bay Jamaica was a short one.  We had to leave early in the day for the airport so we did not have much time.  We had decided the night before to get up early and try to get more beach time in before leaving, however the weather did not cooperate.  It was cold!  Well, cold for the beach.  We just sat on the chairs with our cover ups on and wrapped ourselves in the towels to act as our blankets.  There was not anyone else on the beach with us except for some sand crabs.  Then it was time for breakfast and off to the airport. 

We had previously arranged for a van to take us to the airport and it was right on time.  We thought we were giving ourselves plenty of time to get through security, have lunch and visit the duty free shop, but we had no idea how long the lines were going to be.  And how many lines we would need to go through.  We had to clear immigrations and customs leaving the country which I do not understand at all and the line was painfully slow.  My passport is filled with Caribbean island stamps so I was wondering what the agent would say about this.  He asked me how I liked Jamaica compared to the other islands and I of course said I loved it!  In reality, I had a great time on this trip, but I did not see much of Jamaica other than our resort. 

Finally through all the lines, we high tailed it to the duty free shop and had lunch at a sit down restaurant...which ended up being a mistake because island time is alive and well in the airport too.  I scarfed down some food as quickly as I could and Jenn brought her food on the plane...which ended up being a comedy routine watching her try to board a plane with her carry on, a bag of liquor from the duty free shop and a to go container with a hamburger in it.

Jenn and I both like aisle seats so we sat on the plane across from each other.  I had fun laughing at her because she was seated with two kids whose parents were in another row and the flight attendants kept thinking they were her kids. 

Overall we had a great time.  I think all inclusives are great for girlfriend getaways because it's relaxing, no need to have cash on hand (other than for tipping) and the pace is relaxing to just do what you want whenever you want.  I also highly recommend adults only resorts for girlfriend getaways so that the moms can get a break without any kids around...unless you get seated with two on the airplane!

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