About Me

Hi!  My name is Patrice and I love to travel.  In fact, I love everything about traveling from the planning to the booking to the actual traveling and then telling people all about it.  This blog will chronicle my travels both old and new.

I am a California native now living in Northern Virginia, outside Washington DC.  I am married to my favorite travelling companion, Chris, and have two cats who I love to spoil. 

I spend my days in an office under fluorescent lights working in corporate finance and staring at spreadsheets, but am always planning my next trip. I have a passion for travel and always have. I love researching, planning, reading and writing about travel. I will talk about traveling with anyone who is willing and love to hear about people’s trips and favorite places. I am often asked, “Where’s your next trip?” by people I haven’t seen recently since they know I am usually planning something, even if it might be a ways off.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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